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Radisson® is modern, socially responsible and service driven. In simple terms, we are caring, sharing and daring—it’s our heart and core, and the definition of all we do. We offer forward-thinking and creative hotel options, and take pride in our understanding of today’s busy traveler. A brand of true hoteliers, we are committed to building meaningful, personal relationships, and have a passion for Yes I Can! SM hospitality. Service Culture.

Yes I Can! is the beating heart of Radisson. Every member of our staff has a passion for Yes I Can! hospitality—a passion for ensuring the total well being and satisfaction of each individual guest. A positive, smiling and professional team that is willing, capable and respectful, our people are committed to extra thoughtful and carefully delivered hospitality. Yes I Can! defines who we are, what we do and how we do it.

World of Radisson
The World of Radisson product and service concepts have made Radisson one of the world’s leading hotel brands. Passionate aboutservice, we have carefully considered every stage of the guest experience. From the first contact all the way through every individual element we offer our service concepts which are designed to deliver an exceptional experience for our guests. With services like 3-Hour Express Laundry, Grab & Run, Business Class, Express Checkout, and of course the brand’s 100% Guest Satisfaction Guarantee, Radisson works to enhance every guest touch point.


27 Things Every Woman Business Traveler Should Know

27 Things Every Woman Business Traveler Should Know


1. Get a carry-on-sized rolling bag that you can attach another bag to.

Instead of a cute weekend bag — which are heavy and impractical. This rolling bag has a strap that you can attach another small tote to.

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10 Ideas to Create Meaningful Family Moments

Every moment together counts, so make the most of family time with these perfect ideas.                                                       By Holly Lebowitz Rossi

10 ideas

Designate a Family “Holiday”

Surprise family members with “holidays” tailored to each personality. Just like birthdays and conventional holidays, pack these days with unique traditions (like a poem written in someone’s honor) and special foods. The celebrations can also be clever and unexpected ways to honor each person. When I was a kid, my mother posted a puzzling note on the fridge that said “5 Days until WAHD.” The countdown continued…4 days, then 3, then 2, then 1, and finally the surprise was revealed: It was “We Appreciate Holly Day!” The fun of anticipating the mystery and guessing what the letters stood for is something I’ll always remember and cherish. The day consisted of my favorite dinner, a fabulous cake, and a poster-size list of all the special things I accomplished at the time, like finishing homework, being kind to my younger sister, and making my bed without being asked.

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10 pieces of gear that’ll take your tailgate to the next level

Chris Weiss  August 24, 2014

In just a few days, the largest stadiums in the United States will open their gates to hundreds of thousands of screaming, painted, near-certifiable college football fans. If you’re going to be one of those fans, make sure that you and your friends are properly fed, entertained and buzzed before the game starts. Ditch the old, tattered tailgate gear you bought at Kmart in a decade gone by and upgrade your parking lot pregame with the latest, smartest tailgating gear.

Out: The moldy cooler in your garage
In: The multifunctional Coolest

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Radisson Blu Launches new blog, encourages consumers to Share Travel Insights

Radisson Blu®, one of the world’s leading hotel brands, today announced the launch of its newly designed ‘travel magazine style’ blog and an innovative way for like-minded travelers to share


tips and knowledge about the destinations that surround their hotels.

In a contest entitled Social Eyes, running August 4 through August 31, travelers are invited to share an insider travel tip about one of the destinations in which Radisson Blu hotels are located. In an exchange for specialist travel knowledge, the global hotel brand is opening its doors to the social community. The best tips each week during the contest will win a free room night at any Radisson Blu hotel of their choice worldwide.

The new Radisson Blu blog has been designed to look and feel like a travel magazine – filled with inspirational and useful tips gathered about the areas that surround Radisson Blu hotels worldwide – and the Social Eyes contest is aimed at building an even larger cache of travel secrets. By encouraging participants to share the best things they’ve found from their personal travels that go beyond the usual “must see” lists, the brand seeks to uncover information like how to locate the best viewpoint, discover a hidden café, enjoy a secret garden, or interesting ways to experience a city.  

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Experienced Business Travelers Reveal Their Favorite Travel Tips

Experienced Business Travelers Reveal Their Favorite Travel Tips

Forbes Ranks Washington D.C. As Coolest City

Jon Hicks/Getty ImagesNo. 1: Washington, D.C.

No. 1: Washington, D.C. Erin Carlyle Forbes Staff

Flooded with politicos and political junkies,Washington, D.C., often comes off as a city steeped in raw ambition. But the nation’s capital deserves to be known for something else: coolness.

While “cool” might not be the first word that comes to mind when contemplating the latspest standoff in Congress, D.C. nonetheless has a lot to offer those who call it home. Among its best features: abundant entertainment and recreational options, an ethnically and culturally diverse population, and a big chunk of people age 20 to 34–nearly 30% of the metro area’s population. There’s certainly plenty to do, from visiting the many museums along the National Mall to taking in a Washington Nationals game to simply enjoying the cherry blossoms in springtime.

“D.C. is a high-amenity city. It has its share of cultural arts. It has its share of natural beauty,” says Stuart Gabriel, Director of the Ziman Center for Real Estate at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Add the city’s constantly refreshing population–the metro area has grown by 4.9% since 2010 thanks to net migration alone–and Washington, D.C., holds the perfect formula to land the No. 1 spot on Forbes’ list of America’s Coolest Cities. And by “cool,” we mean cool to live in.

Behind the Numbers
How do you define “cool”? Clearly, one person’s definition–all-night World of Warcraft sessions, say–could be another person’s total dorkdom. We sought to quantify it in terms of cities, partnering with Sperling’s BestPlaces to rank the 60 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Metropolitan Divisions (cities and their surrounding suburbs, as defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget) based on six data points we weighted evenly. (Orlando, unfortunately, had to be excluded due to a problem with its data.)

To compile our list of America’s Coolest Cities, Sperling’s helped us calculate entertainment options per capita in each metro area. This metric essentially measures ways you might spend a Saturday, quantifying the availability of professional and college sports events, zoos and aquariums, golf courses, ski areas, and National parks, among others. It also factors in art and cultural options, measuring the presence of theater and musical performances as well as local museums.

Metro: Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV

Arts & Culture Index: 99

Recreation Index: 93

Diversity Index: 70.34

Local Eats: 68.9%

Population age 20-34: 29.8%

2010 – 2013 Net Migration: 3.9%

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